New Managing Director Dr. Armin Wedler

We are pleased to announce that we have appointed our co-founder Armin Wedler as our new Managing Director. Armin has been with us from the beginning and previously worked more in the background. From now on, he will take over the management of the company alongside Dr. Josef Reill.

Volker Senft died

Unfortunately, we have to inform that our co-founder and provider of ideas Volker Senft has passed away. In great mourning we take leave of him and are deeply shocked. We will continue his vision to revolutionize the three-dimensional control.

The Reality is 3D!

We develop miniaturized 3D sensors. Our applications range from consumer electronics to industrial applications. The key technology is a human-machine interfaces with 6 DOF input devices and special sensors.

With the new miniaturized 3D sensor, we offer customers the possibility to integrate a full 3D input device into their products. This targets product groups that in the past – due to the size of existing 3D input devices – were out of the question. These include, for example, cell phones, tablets, navigation devices, game controllers and many more as possible product carriers. 3D-Input GmbH offers all necessary development competences for this purpose.


Magnetic arrangement for the detection of relative movements or relative positions [German Patent DE102017206025].


  • Josef Reill
  • Volker Senft
  • Armin Wedler
  • Tobias Wedler