Next Level of 3D Human Machine Interface

3D Input GmbH provides a miniaturized technology that allows simultaneous input all 6 degrees of freedom (6 DOF) for novel human machine interfaces.


Part of ESA BIC Bavaria

ESA BIC promote pioneering companies with disruptive products and digital businesses. This makes ESA-BIC one of the most successful incubation centers in Europe. We are looking forward to take part.

Exclusive DLR Cooperation

No innovation without a high level research partner. We signed an exclusive Partnership in the filed of 3D Navigation with dlr and the Institute of robotics and mecatronics.

The Reality is 3D!

We develop miniaturized 3D sensors. Our applications range from consumer electronics to industrial applications. The key technology is a human-machine interfaces with 6 DOF input devices and special sensors. With the new miniaturized 3D sensor, we offer customers the possibility to integrate a full 3D input device into their products. This targets product groups that …