The Reality is 3D!

We develop miniaturized 3D sensors. Our applications range from consumer electronics to industrial applications. The key technology is a human-machine interfaces with 6 DOF input devices and special sensors.

With the new miniaturized 3D sensor, we offer customers the possibility to integrate a full 3D input device into their products. This targets product groups that in the past – due to the size of existing 3D input devices – were out of the question. These include, for example, cell phones, tablets, navigation devices, game controllers and many more as possible product carriers. 3D-Input GmbH offers all necessary development competences for this purpose.


Magnetic arrangement for the detection of relative movements or relative positions [German Patent DE102017206025].


  • Josef Reill
  • Volker Senft
  • Armin Wedler
  • Tobias Wedler